We call ourselves Salvage Gardeners.

Melissa Guthrie Loy is the Founding Director of the organization and Pastor with the worshiping community at The Banquet. Brad Bennett is the Music Minister for the The Banquet.

Cindy Good and Brian Russell served as founding board members. Their vision and passion helped shaped who we are today.

If you’re interested in serving with us, consider joining the Board or our Advisory Board.

An ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Melissa has preaching and teaching experience across denominations. Melissa is most proud of these accomplishments: Stephanie, Tommy, and Josephine. Parenting is the best (and most difficult) job. She serves as the Executive Director + Minister of the Disicples LGBTQ+ Alliance which seeks to set a place at the table for all. Melissa previously served at First Christian Church Greensboro as its Director of Congregational Life. Melissa and her wife and kids and pets live in Greensboro. Melissa is holding Henry. Holding anyone’s baby is holy.

A retired Moravian minister, Brad spends a lot of his time playing music. In addition to the (joyful) noise at Salvage Garden Brad is a part of Come and Worship and The Rockers. He is a parent and a poppy. Brad and his wife Sue live in Winston Salem.

Brad and Sue are living into their retirement. December 2019 wrapped up their direct service with Salvage Garden. Deep, deep thanks for their years of love and leadership with us at Salvage Garden.