Our Mission

Salvage Garden strives to reclaim the value of all individuals, emphasizing their inclusion and integration in multiple settings, while supporting each person on a unique path to wholeness. Through person-centered programming and support, as well as training and education for the community, Salvage Garden cultivates transformation by restoring hope, inspiring change and growing community awareness.

Salvage Garden is not another church; in fact, Salvage Garden is not a church.

Salvage Garden does not host services to attend, but facilitates branches of service that tend to positive growth.

At Salvage Garden, all individuals are welcome to:
share their roots, where they come from;
explore the seasons of life; and
tend to positive growth while also being tended to.

Salvage Garden believes in the inherent worth and beauty of all persons. All persons have an intrinsic value and this value is connected to a spirituality shared with all of us.

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